Most of the Placemaking Projects so far have been undertaken in Senegal, West Africa. This was the homebase of Studio Placemakers from 2013 - 2017. End 2017 we moved from Senegal back to the Netherlands. While continuing projects in Senegal from a distance with local and international partners, Studio Placemakers takes on and initiates placemaking projects in the Netherlands. Or projects directly linked to placemaking.


Hans works since the start of 2018 on a participation project for the communal design of collective outdoor space of a new urban settlement on the island of Texel.

Roos is about to take on a series of tasks for 'Jong en Belegen', an organisation that facilitaties and supports groups that have the desire to live in a communal manner, making use of vacant (degraded) real estate.

Buurtskap de Tuunen, Texel


École du Dialaw


Sports parc Yène

Fish Market 2

Central Market phase 2


Homebase Studio Placemakers

Central Market phase 1


Painting Primary School Pilote


Expansion Primary School Pilote

Principals' office and classroom

Schermafbeelding 2016-08-11 om 11.46.05.

Roadside project


Studio Placemakers