Knowledge Lab for Urbanism


Run by: Kennislab voor Urbanisme

Location: Amersfoort  and Schiphol Airport

Role: Assistant mentor

Year: 2012-2013


The Knowledge Lab for Urbanism is an external R&D lab. Students from diverse backgrounds investigate innovative ways to improve the quality of the city. Within the Knowledge Lab for Urbanism, companies, research institutions, government, media and other organisations work together to develop and test new knowledge for today’s urban challenges. 


Urban design company IMOSS works in close collaboration with the lab and coaches the students on a weekly base. Working for IMOSS, Roos was commited assistant mentor to steer the proces of the individual students. 





Commissioned by:  Own initiative

In collaboration with: Barbara Janssen, Floris Schifferli and Michel Zethof

Location: Quarter 'Baankwartier', Rotterdam

Year: 2010


The quarter 'Baankwartier‘ is located right in the city centre of Rotterdam and is about to be completely torned down to make place for new high-rise buildings. This made us decide to come with a method, the so called „Cooldermodel“. The title is a parodia on 'Polderen', the acclaimed Dutch version of consensus-based economic and social policy making. In short, this method executes real-life interventions that evoke response from the users of the quarter which will supply us insight information. These interventions can be physical permanent constructions, can be an act, can be a regular gathering, a play etc.This method helps us research to the authentic values and nonvalues of the area and therefore define what qualities can be captured during and after the reconstruction of this place.  The images give an impression of the first two interventions. 

Exhibition Ghana Projects 


In collaboration with: Fransisca Sack, Henk Jan Imhoff, Jens Jorritsma, Ab Oosterwaal, John de Groot 

Locations: IABR - Parallel Cases, Rotterdam, STROOM - Den Haag, African Perspectives - Pretoria, École nationale Supérieur d‘Architecture de Paris-Malaquais - Parijs, TOP - Delft

Year: 2009 - 2010 

Extra: Winner International Biennale Academy Parallel Cases Award 


In the Parallel Cases exhibition, student teams from all over the world responded to the worldwide call by the 4th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam to propose projects that shape the theme and the future of the Open City. 


The Kumasi/Ghana design project joined this exhibition. Consisting out of four seperate designs from which project ‘Ayigya Works’ is one. These individual designs are compiled into a communal synergetic compilation, exposed on wooden panels.


The Kumasi/Ghana design project won the International Biennale Academy Parallel Cases Award. Accordingly the exhibition has migrated to Architecture and Art Centre ‘STROOM’ in The Hague, to African Perspectives in Pretoria (South Africa), to École nationale Supérieur d‘Architecture de Paris-Malaquais (France) and to TOP in Delft, (The Netherlands)

Laboratory for urbanisation - overgrowth


Initiated by: Fred Schurink and Hugo Lammerink 

Location: A farm in Kralingen, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Role: Contributer as urban designer

Year: 2010


In the summer of 2010, Foundation 75+NAP did an experimental laboratory. Five multidisciplinary teams, consisting of (landscape-) architects, urban designers, sociologists and artists, have been working on the urbanization of a 340m2 area of land. Working on a 1:100 scale, the teams responded to the operations that were made by the previous teams. Each team working for one week. Rose was one of the urban designers, working together with artist Maze de Boer.  More information on their personal contribution you can find in the text included the images above. (Dutch)


75+ NAP searches through this laboratory for a new approach to the incessantly building activities in the Netherlands. More information to be found on the projects' website and on youtube

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