Studio Placemakers is working to build up a strong network in Yène. Each project brings us some steps further. Getting to know many people and them getting to know us. This will make Studio Placemakers bigger and stronger over time.


Crafts(wo)men are widespread and highly skilled. This is a blessing for hands-on urbanism. Nevertheless true creativity and innovation are still underdeveloped. We build relationships in which these talents can grow.


Placemaking demands a mutual collaboration with local authorities. Eventually this can create trust and opportunities to work on a larger scale.


We keep in touch with the places where we can exchange knowledge and theory. In the future we hope to offer possibilities for students to learn and contribute.


Many creative people within our network in the Netherlands (and beyond) are interested in applying their skills in a different context. Over the years we hope to host them in Yène and work on projects together. We also want to offer opportunities for talented Senegalese artists to join in creating public places.


Since summer 2015 Studio Placemakers is supported by the Dutch Foundation Making Public Places.