Senegal is a fast-growing African country of 14 million people. It is characterised by the Atlantic coastline and a climate transition from dry in the north to wet in the south. Dakar lies on the Cap Vert peninsula, the most western point of the continent. The metropolis Grand Dakar has a population of 2,5 million people. It is the logistic and financial hub of West Africa.


Yène is a community in the southern tip of Grand Dakar. The string of seven fishing villages is merging into a continuous coastal urban area. Over the past decade Yène’s built area has already doubled and densification is setting in. The community has vacant hillsides that can accommodate an enormous population increase. It currently counts around 30 thousand residents.


Yène is surrounded by recent metropolitan developments that will drive further growth in the near future:


> Since 2013 the toll highway connects inner Dakar to Diamniadio decreasing travel time by several hours and opening up outer Dakar. The highway will soon continue to the new airport and further south.


> Diamniadio is chosen to become the new suburban centre and plays a crucial role in the governments strategy to modernise Dakar. It will host multiple new institutes, facilities, industries and neighbourhoods.


> The new international airport will open end 2015 highly increasing interest in the surrounding area for commerce, housing and tourism.


Together with its residents Studio Placemakers wants to take an active role in creating an attractive future for Yène.


Studio Placemakers