hands-on urban design for better public places

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Since 2013 Hans and Roos combine their personal know-how, qualities and knowledge to work integrally and professionally on the creation of public places.

They work on and off with other international professionals and students on a wide variation of projects. Currently in Senegal and the Netherlands.

From 2013 - 2017 they lived in Senegal to undertake placemaking projects with the people of Yène, a string of seven fishing villages just south of Dakar, the countries capital.


End 2017 Hans and Roos moved from Senegal back to the Netherlands. Now also taking on and initiating placemaking projects in their home country.


Hans worked from 2018 - 2020 on a participation project for the communal design of collective outdoor space of a new urban settlement on the island of Texel.

Roos is about to take on a series of tasks for 'Jong en Belegen', an organisation that facilitaties and supports groups that have the desire to live in a communal manner, making use of vacant (degraded) real estate.