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Woonhuis voorhuis collectief de Vuurplaats


Commissioned by: Private

Location: Wapserveen, Drenthe

In collaboration with: Bouwbedrijf van Kampen

Year: 2023

Status: built



Studio Placemakers Homebase


Commissioned by: Studio Placemakers

Location: Yene Kao, Senegal

Year: 2016

Status: built



Private house Toubab Dialaw


Commissioned by: Ms. A. Towo

Location: Toubab Dialaw, Senegal

Year: 2015

Status: under construction



Being half Frech and half Cameronese, having seen a lot of the African continent and now living in Senegal, commissioner Afidi Towo wishes a modern house with mixed African styles.

The foundation and some walls were already built when asking me to revise the existing floor plans. When looking at the plans it turned out that it was extremely dark, closed and unpractical how the plans were arranged and so we turned around the plans completely. So we did with the architecture accordingly.

The looks of the house will be organic, warm, open and includes many small details that make the house personal. Built in cupbords, wardrobes and low division walls make the house orderly and sleek while remaining homely because of the rounded adobe finishes. Being in Africa, the windows, doors, shutters and other details will not be determined on paper but will be a collaborative seeking process to find quality (secondhand) materials and great crafters. 

Sketch design Sarhina Centre


Commissioned by: Sarinha Centre

Location: Beira, Mozambique

Year: 2011

Status: project in development


Sarinha Foundation asked Roos Ontwerp to make first design-proposals for the Sarinha Centre in a village close to Beira, Mozambique. This design includes a phasing plan so that the centre can grow bit by bit, according to the available budgets. The new Centre gives youth in the age of 15-25 the opportunity to learn and work including lodging, which supports these young people in their daily lives.


In the next design-step the proposed design will be further evolved with all shareholders in terms of configuration of the buildings, the available space, interrelations between functions, forms etc. From there materials and construction methods will be co-designed and co-determined with those involved. We believe that through knowledge exchange and by using locally available crafts, material and other capital, we get the best for the least money. 


Interieur en tuinontwerp Groepsherberg de Twijfelaar


Commissioned by: Groepsherberg de Twijfelaar

Location: Wittelte, Drenthe

Year: 2017 - 2022

Status: Built





Principles office and classroom


Commissioned by: Aide Gandiole

Location: Primary school Pilotte, North Senegal

Year: 2016

Status: Built





Sketch design hospice


Commissioned by: Vivalon Global Health

Location:  Yekatrinburg, Russia

Year: 2014

Status: acquisition


Vivalon Global Health approched Roos Ontwerp to make a sketch design for a hospice/palliative care centre in Yekatrinburg, central Russia. The images are used to communicate a possible appearence and as kick off images to the potential client. 






Guesthouse Adjoa


Commissioned by:  Stichting Adjoa | Graduation Project for Bsc Hanzehogeschool Groningen

In collaboration with: Gerard de Boer en Chris de Joode

Contribution: feasibility study and contribution to the design

Location: Ahotokurom, Ghana

Year: 2007

Year of realization: 2011|2012


Foundation Adjoa built a multipurpose centre in the village Ahotokurom, a village just north of coast town Elmina. The prime function of the building is a home to young people with a physical disability, to enable them to live (semi-) independendly. 

With a small team of students we did a feasibility study of a preliminary design made by Information Based Architecture (IBA). This study involved testing and consultation on architectural, civil and financial aspects of the building.

In our report we suggest to make ​​use of locally available materials where possible, to use concrete only when nescessary and to build entirely based on natural ventilation. At a flat part of the roof we suggest a covered terrace with large solid wooden shutters, offering panoramic view over the large marsh plains.

After our study the project was handed back to IBA to further evolve the design. Since 2012 the first arm has been realized. When the next arm will be brought into realization is unknown. 

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