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Kindergarten Playscape, Gandiol

Introduction and start

May 24, 2015


The organisation Aide Gandiole has offered to collaborate to realise two placemaking projects. We will create a playscape for the Tassinère Kindergarten and make a design to improve the schoolyard of Pilote primary school. In April we spent a long and fruitful week discussing and designing with the people involved. Two weeks ago we arrived to start the work.

Work in Progress

June 8, 2015


Against our expectations for this time of the year the weather is not yet too hot, just really warm. So we are lucky to be able to work long days at a steady pace. The curving walls are taking shape, encircling the area and creating a feeling of place. The team of masons is skilled and dedicated, which is very pleasant to work with.


june 8, 2015


The last days have seen an amazing and colourful transformation of the whole project. While outside we are in the middle of many last details it is busy inside the kindergarten building. A group of women is preparing traditional drinks and heaps of deep-fried snacks to have a little celebration. Senegalese lunchtime is quite late, somewhere between 2:00 and 3:00 pm.

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