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Down the Rabbit Hole festival

Year: 2014

Commissioned by: ATM Model Art for Mojo Concerts

Role: builder and supervisor plant care 


Entrance sculpture for the new Down the Rabbit Hole festival. With flower field, waterfalls and turning cogwheels and trees. Festival ‘look and feel’ designed and led by Marisja Smit, Thijs Trompert and Antal Bos. 


Down the rabbit hole website

Lichtlijn Museumplein 

Year: 2012 – 2013

Commissioned by: Stadsdeel Zuid, Municipality of Amsterdam

Role: technical developer and manufacturer, with Sander van Mil


Research and development to create a long-glowing material with phosphorescent pigments. Followed by the production of tiles to create a 350 meter ‘light line’ crossing the Musuem Square in Amsterdam. 


Year: 2009-2010

Commissioned by: own initiative

Role: co-initiator and producer, coordinator visual artists, as part of Collectief KG


In 2009 Collectief KG was awarded a Talented Young Maker Stimulation Grant with their ambition to build Micromorfose. This kick-started the realisation of a unique interdisciplinary arts project.  An immersive experience tour was created together with five visual artist and a great team. A 30 minute story with lights and sounds guiding 12 people to other worlds and back. Only 1000 people were able to visit the temporary installation. 


Collectief KG is Wilco Alkema (music/sound composition and installations), Thomas Brand (theater director), Hans Goslinga (visual arts) and Mark Verhoef (lighting/projection design and installations).


With artists Thijs Trompert, Marisja Smit, Lars Unger, Sander van Mil and John Konijn. 

Art & Sustainability

Year: 2007 – 2010

Supervised by: amongst others Science, Society and Communication, Leiden University

Role: student researcher


A deep and broad adventure into the role of art to communicate about sustainability. Covering a mix of art theory, psychology and philosophy about ecology, communication and learning. Truly experiencing ecology and complexity were crucial themes. Engaging creativity and consciousness to feel and discover long-term perspectives and our global reality. 


Tree different pilot projects were conceptualised, to put the theory to practise. Campo Nuevo, a very inter-disciplinary camp for young adults taking a gap year. Portfolio of the Future, municipal sustainability policies meet artistic dreams. S*PARK and the Growing Green PolyPavillion. The step-by-step development of a park and creative sustainability center. Each much too ambitious in their own way. Then time was really up. 

Exhibition in Kunsthal KadE 

Year: 2014

Commissioned by: Kunsthal KadE, Amersfoort with BV de Gasten

Role: autonomous artist


Group exhibition of upcoming artists in Amersfoort’s modern art venue. Installation with collection of found objects and photo studio. Halfway rebuild for participatory collection of stories inspired by selected objects.


Website KadE


Exhibition Yes Naturally

Year: 2012 - 2013 

Commissioned by: Ja Natuurlijk 

Role: production coordinator of artworks outside and/or with living materials


An international half-year art manifestation in and around The Hague Gemeentemuseum.  “What is natural? And who or what decides? Yes Naturally is about changing perceptions and mindset.”


Website Yes Naturally 


Year: 2008 – 2013

Commissioned by: diverse schools, companies and organisations

Role: artist, organiser and workshop leader


Workshops specifically developed for the occasion. With children, teenagers, students and adults. Often with pallets, scrap wood or other found materials. 


Per Expressie

Year: 2001 – 2008

Commissioned by: own initiative

Role: co-initiator, board member, all-round organiser, coordinator visual arts and festival decorations


Per Expressie is a self run cultural organisation for and by the youth of Amersfoort (aged 15-30 years). After the first multi-disciplinary arts festival in 2002 the municipality supported the realisation of a ‘production house’ called Perron Expressie. Ever since the organisation has grown into a platform for young organisers and artists with a year-round output of activities and festivals. Up to this day!


Chain reactions for TV 

Year: 2013

Commissioned by: NTR, Dutch public broadcaster

Role: designer, applied artist and producer, with Richard van de Kamp


The meticulous creation of ten chain reactions and 60 unique film clips. Used in the series Full Proof, a science education program broadcasted on national television.


Compellation of chain reactions on Youtube


Full Proof website

Festival decorations

Year: 2010 - 2013 

Commissioned by: diverse festivals, the Netherlands

Role: co-designer, builder and organiser, with Richard van de Kamp and Erik Jansen (Koude Koffie) or as BV de Gasten. 


After many years of festival decorations as Per Expressie volunteers, a loose collective formed with its own building style. Wooden pallets are cheap and with simple techniques anyone can help. Later other budget ways of creating visual impact arose. 


Bevrijdingsfestival Utrecht (2010), A Day at the Park (2011), Into the Great Wide Open (2011), Dance Valley (2012), Mysteryland (2012, 2013), Into the Woods (2012, 2013), Pitch (2013). 


BV de Gasten is led by Ide Koffemand and Lucas Steenhuis. 

Some other work

Year: 2008 – 2013

Commissioned by: diverse

Role: autonomous and applied artist, solo and collaborative

Fisheries of the Agta

Year: 2006

Supervised by: Institute of Environmental Sciences, Leiden University

Role: student researcher


Half year research into the fisheries of the indigenous Agta in the northern Philippines. Using a  creative mix of biology, anthropology and visual research methods.


The sum of pursuing studies at University of Groningen (biology, marine biology), Leiden University (biology – ecology and environment, anthropology – environment and development) and Univeristy of Amsterdam (interdisciplinary – people and the sea, with fieldwork in India). 

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