The process of placemaking improves places, but also builds pride and the believe that things can actually happen. It is a process of community engagement and civic responsibility. In public space all aspects of society potentially come together, making it a central place to organise positive change.  




We define good urban design as:




Designs should be simply possible. That’s why we design and do. Practical reality is an endless frustration and inspiration.


Materials are locally available and affordable. We innovate within the frame of local skills and attitudes.




We connect to local dynamics when creating possibilities and new experiences. Good places enhance the social and natural life there. 


New functionalities should be necessary. Beauty should be for everyone. 




Society develops and places change over time. We design with future flexibility and adaptability in mind.


We aim for our work to be durable. We always take into account natural and urban elements that work over time. 



Absolutely crucial! The creation and maintenance of good public places demands broad involvement of the local community. Their knowledge, ideas and all-round participation are fundamental. We work to involve the head, hands and heart. This is a continuous process. 


True involvement is for women and men, the young and the old, the powerful and powerless. Each place has its own diversity to be addressed. 


Those with a positive attitude and real commitment can take on responsibilities. 


Project for Public Spaces has been pionering placemaking since the 1970s. We like their ‘Power of 10‘ concept. 


As a rule of thumb, any great place needs to offer at least 10 reasons to be there. You need at least 10 great places to make a lively neighbourhood. 


This encourages us to continue because we believe in the eventual sum of the parts. 



Unfortunately there is no way around the uneven distribution of money. Still we aim at making local and national government the primary financial partner. From here, Western money can give support to added possibilities and intercultural exchange. 


We are starting small to develop trust and understanding before budgets grow.   


Our greatest inspiration is local capital.


Geography and ecology set the scene. Craftsmanship and materials define what is possible. Local organisations and networks are our primary partners. Habits and customs show how projects can work best. Local beauty and uniqueness can be enhanced.