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Primary School Pilote

School growth plan

June, 2015

Aide Gandiole wishes to develop the primary school in Pilote-Gandiole (North Senegal) into a model school. We are asked to make designs for their upcoming projects. To determine the looks and locations we involve the staff in imagining the near and far future. This results in a plan on how the school can expand now and in the upcoming decades. It also shapes the designs we make for a principal’s office with adjoining classroom and the repainting of the existing buildings.  

During several visits we spoke to the principal and teachers to discuss the placement of the principal’s office and new classroom, the sports field, green zones and future growth. A map of the current situation was used together with movable pieces of paper to represent all these features. The pros and cons were discussed for the many different possibilities offering a large amount of input for a placement proposal and phasing on how the school can expand.


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