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Primary School Pilote

Paint design for schoolyard

May, 2016

Aide Gandiole wants to create a new look for the school by repainting the front sides of the classrooms. They ask us to make a design that is cheerful and unique. Also, it should be possible for a good local painter to realise without supervision. To find inspiration we talk to the staff to grasp what they are proud of, what makes up the local identity and what is seen as beautiful.

The colours and shapes create a continuity that pulls together the fragmented styles of the different buildings. To help the painter every line is straight between a specific starting and finishing point. The colours are chosen to reflect the natural surroundings. Creating meaning and allowing for bright colours while still blending in with the environment. Yellow is the sand which is everywhere in Gandiole, it is also the sun. Because the village is surrounded by seasonal salty lakes there is not much green, the school has trees and these are highly appreciated. Blue is the sea just around the corner and matches the sky. Light brown and white are already present and are blended into the design, they continue on the unpainted parts of the buildings



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